Correction Reflections... Stoodis.

Episode 11 October 28, 2018 00:32:31
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Correction Reflections... Stoodis.

Show Notes

Although being wrong is a part of being a scientist, correcting yourself when you recognize that you're wrong is also a part of it. On today's show, Annie and Turtle correct themselves on a few of the mistakes that they made in previously released episodes... Mostly sciency-type mistakes about facts and stuff. Here are a few of the main points that were corrected and reflected about: - 100th Monkey Pseudoscience - The Number of Federally Recognized Tribes in the US - Operculums or Plastrons... which would you choose? - Triassic, Jurassic, THEN Cretaceous - Janzen's research wasn't in Africa - What's up with NDN Time? ~ Links & Resources: [100th Monkey Phenomenon]( [21 Grams Experiment]( Different Numbers for Number of Federally Recognized Tribes... [567]( or [573]( Or [How about the federal register number]( [Operculums]( - [Plastrons]( [Mesazoic Era]( [Tropical Ecological and Biocultural Restoration (Janzen Article)]( [Bitterroot]( ~ [Like this show? Leave us a review here](… even one sentence helps! And if you leave your Twitter handle we’ll be sure to thank you personally! [NDN Science Show WordPress Page]( ~

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