NDN Science Show

--- Annie Sorrell and Loga Fixico ---

The idea "NDN science" didn’t jump out at us right away but it’s central to the theme of this podcast. This show is about hope for our future and not taking life too seriously. It’s about learning how to listen and have conversations again. It's about exploring the problems that keep us up at night and every human's ability to observe deeply and understand how the world works. It’s a show where we have conversations about science... and Indin' stuff.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #7 - Food Security or Food Sovereignty?

    Today we explore the difference between food sovereignty and food security, and why these concepts are so important for Indigenous peoples. We also talk about commodities and rations, food deserts and reservations, re-indigenizing your food pallet, and a whole lot more. We start off by diving into our own experiences with ...


  2. #6 - What the Science?

    On today’s show, we explore the word ‘science’… what does the word science mean? Is there one kind of science? Where did it come from? These are just a few of the questions we touch on and we can get pretty deep at times, but this is a fun episode ...


  3. #5 - Biocultural Restoration

    Today’s episode is all about restoration… specifically, Biocultural Restoration and how this field of science brings different disciplines into a synthesized approach. This approach aims to restore and revitalize both ecosystems and the cultures that were originally responsible for them. We discuss everything from our experience with this field of study ...


  4. #4 - Interview with Judy Gobert

    On today’s episode, Annie’s traveling so I’m hosting the show solo. And one of the main ideas that we’ve talked about in our off-air conversations is the role of women in society and how there are a lot of women in science that have played massive roles in changes throughout ...


  5. #3 - Indigenous Environmental Issues

    On today’s show, we took a bit of a different approach to our conversation. Both of us chose a topic within this overarching idea of Indigenous Environmental Issues. This is an important area to explore because our connection to the natural world is inseparable. Unlike the broad topic of being Indigenous ...