#4 - Interview with Judy Gobert

Episode 4 June 23, 2018 01:34:26
#4 - Interview with Judy Gobert
NDN Science Show
#4 - Interview with Judy Gobert

Jun 23 2018 | 01:34:26


Hosted By

Loga Fixico Annie Sorrell

Show Notes

On today’s episode, Annie’s traveling so I’m hosting the show solo. And one of the main ideas that we’ve talked about in our off-air conversations is the role of women in society and how there are a lot of women in science that have played massive roles in changes throughout history. We both feel like this is an important topic and who better to start things off than our moms. This time around, I interview my mom, Judy Gobert. She’s a biochemist, a microbiologist, an activist, a mom, and a grandmother. We talk about what inspired her to become a scientist and some of the projects she’s done; the challenges she’s faced growing up and the role her abusive stepfather played in the path she took; and we also talk about her outlook on Indigenous women, science, and where people can look for their own inspiration moving forward.


Here are some of the important messages I got from this interview:

- Judy’s love for science began with her love for math

- Being an Indigenous woman is hard, but full of lessons

- Change within a system is messy – get your degree and then work toward change

- How listening to Creator guided her as a scientist

- Indigenous knowledge systems have known things that Western knowledge systems are just beginning to recognize… Indigenous Science does not need validation from Western Science

- Biocolonialism and the dangers of “science out of control”

- The power of women

- inclusiveness is an essential human value

- The importance of language




American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

Indigenous People's Council on Biocolonialism


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