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--- Annie Sorrell and Loga Fixico ---

The idea "NDN science" didn’t jump out at us right away but it’s central to the theme of this podcast. This show is about hope for our future and not taking life too seriously. It’s about learning how to listen and have conversations again. It's about exploring the problems that keep us up at night and every human's ability to observe deeply and understand how the world works. It’s a show where we have conversations about science... and Indin' stuff.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Bonus Episode - MEEA 2020 Annual Conference Recording

    This is a recording from the Montana Environmental Educators Association 2020 Annual Conference, where we presented to a group of educators across Montana who were interested in learning about ethnobotany. We went over definitions, our perspectives, and some practical tips that we thought were important to understand. And we thought ...


  2. #36 - Halloween 2021

    We're back! And we're beginning our brand new season with a fun Halloween episode. We share stories about the Deer Woman, we go over the differences between horror and terror, and then wrap it all up by giving some of our favorite recommendations for spooky movies to watch this season. ...


  3. #35 - Seasonal Rounds

    Happy New Year! We're glad to be back. On today's podcast, we have a conversation about a concept called Seasonal Rounds. This idea is something expressed in one form or another by all humans and even people in the cities can't escape it. The changes we've observed in the seasons ...


  4. #34 - Interview with Patrick Yawakie

    Patrick Yawakie has been working on food sovereignty and voter awareness for years, and we finally got him on the show. We talked about lots of stuff including life, love, his current project called Decolonize Turtle Island, and as always, his three tips for being Indigenous in the modern world. ...


  5. #33 - The Biggest Flood Ever!

    This event was so epic! It's almost impossible for us to truly wrap our minds around but we do our best on today's episode. Although there have been other events of comparable size, this was potentially the largest flood event in Earth's history. The only other event that's potentially larger ...