#15 - Biopiracy

Episode 15 January 07, 2019 01:21:55
#15 - Biopiracy
NDN Science Show
#15 - Biopiracy

Jan 07 2019 | 01:21:55


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Loga Fixico Annie Sorrell

Show Notes

Today’s episode is about biopiracy… but first, we share an Indigi-Fact that turned out to be a cool surprise to both of us. After that, we dive into some history, a few definitions, a case study, and how biopiracy can affect Indigenous communities. We also explore some ideas for how this issue can be addressed now/in the future, and why this is such an important topic for Indigenous peoples around the planet. This one was interesting to bring together because it’s such a big topic that ties into things like intellectual property rights and discovery doctrines from Europe… and there’s a lot more to it so we’ll probably revisit this one again sometime soon. Enjoy!

Here are some of the main ideas we talk about:

- Biopiracy definitions and history

- Intellectual property rights and patent law

- Ayahuasca patents, culture, and place

- Ideas and Potential Solutions


Links & Resources:

Seven Generations of Hominins

The Leach and the Earthworm

Introduction to Biopiracy

Biopiracy Definitions: One & Two

Intellectual Property Definitions: One & Two

Ayahuasca Article

Patents and Traditional Knowledge of the Uses of Plants: Is a Communal Patent Regime Part of the Solution to the Scourge of Bio Piracy

Bioneers Radio Audio Series


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