#39 - Controversial Words (Wild/Wilderness)

Episode 39 January 20, 2023 01:37:58
#39 - Controversial Words (Wild/Wilderness)
NDN Science Show
#39 - Controversial Words (Wild/Wilderness)

Jan 20 2023 | 01:37:58


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Loga Fixico Annie Sorrell

Show Notes

Today we talk about a word that's captivating to some, terrifying to others, and controversial in many ways... Wild. We go over the definition, etymology, our own opinion, and various perspectives from other writers that have touched on the words wild, wilderness, and nature. Enjoy!


Links and Resources:

Tending the Wild

The Wilderness Act

Dudley Edmondson

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Sand County Almanac

The Trouble with Wilderness



The Black & Brown Faces In America's Wild Places

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