Bonus Episode - MEEA 2020 Annual Conference Recording

November 28, 2021 00:48:19
Bonus Episode -  MEEA 2020 Annual Conference Recording
NDN Science Show
Bonus Episode - MEEA 2020 Annual Conference Recording

Nov 28 2021 | 00:48:19


Hosted By

Loga Fixico Annie Sorrell

Show Notes

This is a recording from the Montana Environmental Educators Association 2020 Annual Conference, where we presented to a group of educators across Montana who were interested in learning about ethnobotany. We went over definitions, our perspectives, and some practical tips that we thought were important to understand. And we thought this would be a good time to share this as a podcast since the seasons are changing and a lot of people just finished having big dinners with lots of delicious foods, including plants. Enjoy!


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