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--- Annie Sorrell and Loga Fixico ---

The idea "NDN science" didn’t jump out at us right away but it’s central to the theme of this podcast. This show is about hope for our future and not taking life too seriously. It’s about learning how to listen and have conversations again. It's about exploring the problems that keep us up at night and every human's ability to observe deeply and understand how the world works. It’s a show where we have conversations about science... and Indin' stuff.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Correction Reflections... Stoodis.

    Although being wrong is a part of being a scientist, correcting yourself when you recognize that you're wrong is also a part of it. On today's show, Annie and Turtle correct themselves on a few of the mistakes that they made in previously released episodes... Mostly sciency-type mistakes about facts ...


  2. #11 - Bringing Worldviews Together for Biocultural Restoration (live recording from AISES National Conference)

    This is a special episode where Annie, Turtle, and their fellow grad-student Kaya DeerInWater came together for a "workshop" on this idea of bringing worldviews together for [biocultural restoration](https://ndnscienceshow.podiant.co/e/365aeab21a8e76/). We talk about Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Scientific Ecological Knowledge, how these are different/similar, and some examples of successful projects we've ...


  3. #10 - Decolonize da Nations!

    Today we talk about the Decolonization Movement and how this is something that's much larger than one word alone. We both agree that the exact word you choose isn't so important, but understanding the meaning behind the word is what matters most. So, we dive into exploring what the word ...


  4. #9 - Being Indigenous in the Modern World II

    Being Indigenous in the modern world is a challenge that we face every day on reservations in the United States, and it's something none of us are prepared for when we're children. This is such a huge topic that we decided to revisit this subject from time to time. On ...


  5. #8 - Interview with Brett Stevenson

    On today’s show, we have a conversation about his story. Brett has experienced some amazing things in his life and we only touch the surface in this interview. He shares about his journey with music, being diagnosed and almost dying from cancer, and the healing journey that brought him to ...