#10 - Decolonize da Nations!

Episode 10 October 07, 2018 01:15:38
#10 - Decolonize da Nations!
NDN Science Show
#10 - Decolonize da Nations!

Oct 07 2018 | 01:15:38


Hosted By

Loga Fixico Annie Sorrell

Show Notes

Today we talk about the Decolonization Movement and how this is something that's much larger than one word alone. We both agree that the exact word you choose isn't so important, but understanding the meaning behind the word is what matters most. So, we dive into exploring what the word decolonize means and where it comes from, and also some of the different kinds of decolonization that exist and where we might be able to apply these lessons in our own communities. We don't have all of the answers, but we're constantly curious about questions like: Why is decolonization important? Who colonized and who got colonized? What impacts has this had on the world? When did colonization happen? When did the Decolonizing Movement begin? There's a whole lot more and we realized pretty quickly that we can't cover everything in an hour-long episode, so we did our best to stay focused on a few main points.

Here's some of the stuff we talked about:

- IndigiFacts

- Definitions of Decolonize

- Land Relations... family or property?

- Decolonization Methodologies

- Space, Time, and Cultural Awareness


Links & Resources:

Decolonizing Methodologies by Linda Tuhiwai Smith

Indigenous Research Agenda

Indigenous Methodologies by Margaret Kovach

#1 Pollutant of the Earth's Oceans

Where was Planet Earth 230 Million Years Ago?

Online Etymology Dictionary

Being Indigenous: Resurgences against Contemporary Colonialism

Google Scholar

The Art of War

Cultural Clarity Article

Decolonizing Indigenous Archaeology


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