#24 - Fire Revolution

Episode 24 July 28, 2019 01:27:32
#24 - Fire Revolution
NDN Science Show
#24 - Fire Revolution

Jul 28 2019 | 01:27:32


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Loga Fixico Annie Sorrell

Show Notes

Today's our first official episode of Revolution Science, a series of episodes about the major revolutions that have occurred throughout human history. And it all begins with fire. In this episode, we start by going over the definitions of revolution and evolution. Then we get into describing some of the main theories behind why we think fire is potentially the first revolution for humans.

Here are some of the main ideas we talk about:

- IndigiFacts about the oldest human fossils

- The earliest evidence of fire use by humans

- The different types of evidence

- The "Cooking Hypothesis" and human evolution

- Different uses of fire and its effects on plants


Links & Resources:

oldest *Homo Sapiens* fossils

oldest *Homo* fossils

Definition of revolution

Definition of evolution

Evidence of fire use: 1, 2, & 3

Control of Fire in the Paleolithic

Human Brain Expansion during Evolution Is Independent of Fire Control and Cooking

The discovery of fire by humans: A long and convoluted process

The nutritive value of cooked camas as consumed by Flathead Indians


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