#13 - Interview with Ronin Ruerup

Episode 13 November 26, 2018 01:13:54
#13 - Interview with Ronin Ruerup
NDN Science Show
#13 - Interview with Ronin Ruerup

Nov 26 2018 | 01:13:54


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Loga Fixico Annie Sorrell

Show Notes

Here's another excerpt from the live-stream event we did at the AISES National Conference on October 6th. This is an interview with Ronin Ruerup and will be the last download we'll be releasing from the AISES conference for this year. Ronin's from Alaska and he was the last guest we had for that day. He's Tlingit and had a lot of amazing things to say. His interests range from Sea Otter Populations to the consultation process and oil/mineral exploration.

Here are some of the main ideas we talked about:

Word Uses, Meanings, and Redefinitions... Indian - Indigenous - Savage

"Traditional Enemies"

Turtle Island/Indigenous War, and Old World War

Russian Colonization of Alaska and Sea Otter Populations

Alaskan Native Voices in Natural Resource Management

The Value of Balance

The Past is Important to Our Future, but it doesn't determine it

Sovereignty and Land

A Bunch of Random Live Stream Stuff

Ronin's 3 Tips for Being Indigenous in the Modern World

Consultation and Restoration in Alaska Compared to the Lower 48 States


Links & Resources:

NASA L'SPACE Virtual Academy Application or by email: [email protected]

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Hoonah Native Forest Partnership

All Our Relations by Winona LaDuke

AISES National Conference


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