#35 - Seasonal Rounds

Episode 35 January 09, 2021 01:30:20
#35 - Seasonal Rounds
NDN Science Show
#35 - Seasonal Rounds

Jan 09 2021 | 01:30:20


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Loga Fixico Annie Sorrell

Show Notes

Happy New Year! We're glad to be back. On today's podcast, we have a conversation about a concept called Seasonal Rounds. This idea is something expressed in one form or another by all humans and even people in the cities can't escape it. The changes we've observed in the seasons are one of the biggest influences we have upon any changes in our behavior so we thought it would be fun to explore it NDN Science Style... We dive into this topic with our own stories from Montana and discuss some of the science that surrounds this idea, and we even get into what this idea looked like for ancient Greeks.


Links & Resources:

The Reason for the Seasons

Wim Hof

Berkes Diagram on page 1257

Toasted Sister Podcast


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