#27 - Interview with Neil Patterson Jr.

Episode 27 October 06, 2019 01:47:02
#27 - Interview with Neil Patterson Jr.
NDN Science Show
#27 - Interview with Neil Patterson Jr.

Oct 06 2019 | 01:47:02


Hosted By

Loga Fixico Annie Sorrell

Show Notes

Today we had Neil Patterson Jr. on the show. Although Annie wasn't able to be there, it was a lot of fun and we're glad to be able to highlight Neil and his story. He's done all sorts of things and has experienced a lot in his life. He went from only wanting to hunt and fish to teaching about Indigenous issues and traditional ecological knowledge in a university setting. Neil's had quite the journey and continues to contribute to academia, to science, and to a vision for better futures for all people.

Here are some of the ideas we talk about:

- Neil's love for the outdoors and damming streams as a kid

- How he found his way to college and the role of family encouragement

- The differences between technologies and their effects on people

- His adventures toward becoming a teacher and mentor

- The challenges inherent in multiculturalism

- Some of the biggest/hardest realizations that led to learning


Links and Resources:

National Film Board of Canada

The Ecology and History of Onondaga Laken (a talk by Neil at the Skä-noñh Center)

Northville-Placid Trail

Robert Griffing Painting


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