#33 - The Biggest Flood Ever!

Episode 33 November 28, 2020 01:24:00
#33 - The Biggest Flood Ever!
NDN Science Show
#33 - The Biggest Flood Ever!

Nov 28 2020 | 01:24:00


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Loga Fixico Annie Sorrell

Show Notes

This event was so epic! It's almost impossible for us to truly wrap our minds around but we do our best on today's episode. Although there have been other events of comparable size, this was potentially the largest flood event in Earth's history. The only other event that's potentially larger happened in Siberia. This "lake" carved a path through the Rocky Mountains that still frames the landscape around places like Missoula and Camas Prairie, MT. Enjoy!


Links & Resources:

Red Earth, White Lies by Vine Deloria Jr

Ice Age Flood Institute

Floodscapes Map

Explore Ice-Age Floods and Glacial Features - An Interactive Map

Montana Natural History Center

Mystery of the Megaflood on Nova

Post-Glacial Radiocarbon Ages for the Southern Cordilleran Ice Sheet

Glacial Lake Missoula Documentary 1

Glacial Lake Missoula Documentary 2


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