#21 - NDN Coffee Science

Episode 21 March 31, 2019 01:10:05
#21 - NDN Coffee Science
NDN Science Show
#21 - NDN Coffee Science

Mar 31 2019 | 01:10:05


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Loga Fixico Annie Sorrell

Show Notes

Today’s episode is all about coffee. AKA: the good old morning brew—the life-saving afternoon pick-me-up—and the fabled cup of Joe. But before we get carried away with all that, we get into some stats about coffee. Then we talk about some of the challenges of its production, preparation, transportation, roasting, and selling. This is a cherished drink that's faced a lot of controversy for centuries, having associations with revolutions, addiction, mold toxins, and the all-too-common "coffee jitters". At the end of the show, we talk about Indigenous farmers using coffee as a way to become more food sovereign.

Here's some of what we talked about:

- Coffee Stats and Facts

- History and Revolutions

- Mold toxins (mycotoxins)

- How to avoid mold toxins

- NDN Coffee Sovereignty


Links & Resources:

Coffee Statistics: Gallup, CreditDonkey, USGS, World Atlas, & USDA

Another Podcast Episode about Coffee

Coffee Documentary

Coffee History Links 1, 2, 3, & 4

Coffee and Revolutions 1 & 2

Processing the bean

Moldy Movie

Mycotoxins Map of World for Mold

91.7 percent of samples contaminated with mold

this study showed above study's mold levels to be above-recommended levels

Mycotoxin-Induced Neurotoxicity

Ochratoxin A and Mutagenesis/Oxidative Stress

Carcinogenic and genotoxic effects of mycotoxins

Coffee Bean Transport—A Global Journey

Cooperation, Fair Trade, and the Development of Organic Coffee Growing in Chiapas

Can agroecological coffee be part of a food sovereignty strategy in Puerto Rico?

Coffee and the Shock Doctrine in Puerto Rico

Coffee Recommendations: 1, 2, 3, & 4


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