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The idea "NDN science" didn’t jump out at us right away but it’s central to the theme of this podcast. This show is about hope for our future and not taking life too seriously. It’s about learning how to listen and have conversations again. It's about exploring the problems that keep us up at night and every human's ability to observe deeply and understand how the world works. It’s a show where we have conversations about science... and Indin' stuff.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #21 - NDN Coffee Science

    Today’s episode is all about coffee. AKA: the good old morning brew—the life-saving afternoon pick-me-up—and the fabled cup of Joe. But before we get carried away with all that, we get into some stats about coffee. Then we talk about some of the challenges of its production, preparation, transportation, roasting, ...


  2. #20 - Traditional Ecological Knowledge (live recording from SUNY-ESF)

    This is a recording of the live-stream we did at SUNY-ESF for a class called Indigenous Issues in the Environment. The topic of this episode is Traditional Ecological Knowledge, also known as TEK. We start off by going over definitions of TEK, then we share our personal experience with it ...


  3. #19 - Interview with Robin Kimmerer

    On today's show, we interview Dr. Robin Kimmerer. She's our major professor in the Sowing Synergy Program, she's an amazing botanist, author of Braiding Sweetgrass, and she's also written numerous articles about traditional ecological knowledge. Robin shares all sorts of interesting stories with us. She talks about her childhood, important ...


  4. #18 - Interview with Kaya DeerInWater

    Kaya DeerInWater is a close friend of ours and we’re excited to finally have him on the show. He’s the other member of our graduate cohort and we’ve wanted to have him on the show for over a year now. Kaya’s a dedicated and loving family man, he’s a brilliant ...


  5. #17 - Being Indigenous in the Modern World III

    We're back! With another edition of Being Indigenous in the Modern World... This is a huge topic that spans many different fields of study and all sorts of scientific disciplines, so we decided that this should be an ongoing conversation. On today's show, we jump around a bit but eventually focus ...