NDN Science Show

--- Annie Sorrell and Loga Fixico ---

The idea "NDN science" didn’t jump out at us right away but it’s central to the theme of this podcast. This show is about hope for our future and not taking life too seriously. It’s about learning how to listen and have conversations again. It's about exploring the problems that keep us up at night and every human's ability to observe deeply and understand how the world works. It’s a show where we have conversations about science... and Indin' stuff.

Brought to you by Annie Sorrell and Loga Fixico of NDN Science Show

Latest Episodes…

  1. #16 - Interview with Anna Whiting-Sorrell

    Anna Whiting-Sorrell was the first woman teacher's assistant for the Political Science Department at the University of Montana, she has a master's degree in Public Administration, and she's the first political scientist we've had on the show. She's served her community as the director of Montana's Department of Public Health ...


  2. #15 - Biopiracy

    Today’s episode is about biopiracy… but first, we share an Indigi-Fact that turned out to be a cool surprise to both of us. After that, we dive into some history, a few definitions, a case study, and how biopiracy can affect Indigenous communities. We also explore some ideas for how ...


  3. #14 - Connecting to Place

    Connecting to Place… what does it mean? This topic gets deep really quick and seems to be a fundamental aspect of human nature that philosophers and scientists have been talking about for thousands of years. So we figured... hey, if they've been at it for thousands of years, we can ...


  4. #13 - Interview with Ronin Ruerup

    Here's another excerpt from the live-stream event we did at the AISES National Conference on October 6th. This an interview with Ronin Ruerup and will be the last download we'll be releasing from the AISES conference for this year. Ronin's from Alaska and he was the last guest we had for ...


  5. #12 - Interview with Mikaela Montoya

    For this episode, we took a section of the live-stream event we did at the AISES National Conference on October 6th and turned it into a podcast download. Mikaela Montoya was the first person brave enough to step up to the mic and b.s. with us for a while... and ...